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valium is the effective medication that works in blend with GABA, the natural chemical found in the brain. GABA is in fact the neurotransmitter and serves to be one among the major 18 brain chemicals that help to control the communication among the brain cells.

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Valium is accessible in the markets for oral administration as the tablets containing 2mg, 5mg and 10 mg diazepam. Valium is meant for anxiety disorders management and it provides short-term relief to the anxiety patients. Talking about the intake of Valium during pregnancy, a lot of healthcare providers are of the view that it should not be taken during pregnancy. This is so because it shows the evidences of posing risks to the fetus. Despite these risks, certain physicians might recommend Valium to the pregnant women if they believe that the benefits would outshine the risks during pregnancy.

Benefits of valium

Valium is usually considered to be unsafe during pregnancy. When research was conducted on the pregnant animals, it proved to be risky during pregnancy. Therefore it should be actually avoided during pregnancy. Now to move on, let us find out the category of Valium as prescribed by the FDA.

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U.S. FDA, i.e., Food and Drug Administration uses category system for classification of possible risks that are being possessed by specific medicines to the fetus during pregnancy. FDA gives Category D to the medicines which show clear risks to the fetus during pregnancy. Also, you should know that Category D is stronger warning signal than the category C. The Category C medication can be offered to the pregnant women if doctor believes that the benefits of medicine outweigh that of risks. Valium has been given a category D because of the issues seen in animals as well as humans study. The studies conducted showed that the risks of birth defects rise with the medication. This can also lead to other issues such as withdrawal symptoms. However, Valium and pregnancy has remained controversial because there are certain other studies which show that risks of defects in the infants can be very little.

What you need to tell your doctor

However since the risks are associated, it is advisable that Valium should be avoided completely during pregnancy. In case you are already taking Valium and pregnancy occurs, it is important that you tell your healthcare provider about this. The physicians would consider the benefits as well as risks of the medication during pregnancy and recommend changes accordingly.

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Also if you are planning to have a baby while on the Valium medication, you should inform it to your doctor. The doctor would make the necessary suggestions accordingly. As of now, it would not be wrong to say that Valium can posses risks during pregnancy and so it should be avoided.